Irish Water Spaniel Club of America

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IWSCA Standing Committees & Chairs

Committe Name
Public Relations & Education Committee

The Public Outreach and Education Committee is a Standing Committee of the IWSCA charged with advancing the Irish Water Spaniel through public outreach and education. In consultation with other IWSCA committees as appropriate, and subject to approval by the Board, the committee is responsible for producing, publishing, and distributing to the general public educational materials promoting the Irish Water Spaniel as a hunting dog, performance competitor, service dog, and family companion. It is also responsible for maintaining and increasing the club's social media presence. With assistance as needed from the IWSCA regional representatives, the Public Outreach and Education Committee is responsible for coordinating IWSCA participation at annual AKC Meet the Breed events, and providing promotional materials for regional and local events.                                                                                                       


Laurie Jacobs

[email protected]

[email protected]


Mary Williams Marter
Ellen DeVrieze

Board Liaison:
Melissa Gulley
Rescue Committee

Created to meet the needs of purebred IWSs in need. Maintains an active liaison with shelters, identifies IWS at risk, and assumes control of IWS where needed. Works with breeders to assist in breeder recovery of IWS in need. As necessary, arranges for transportation, health checks, temporary housing, and re-home.

Rescue Chair:  
Lisa Schaitberger                                                              

[email protected]

Northwest Lead
Colleen McDaniel 

PO Box 1409                                                                     

Bothell, WA 98041-1409                                                              

[email protected]

West Coast Lead:
Dorothy Line                                                                       

[email protected]

Members of IWSCA

Board Liaison:

Bethany Urban   

Health and Genetics Committee

Liaison with OFA, CERF and CHIC. Approves all Club supported health studies. Can conduct, lead, endorse or commission H&G studies for the IWS. Recommends allocation  of CHF monies to specific studies. Confidential IWS-health information source for any member.  Develops and executes  DNA collections and studies.

Chairperson & OFA Liaison:
Dr. Laurel Baglia
[email protected]

Sharon Moreland

Pat Morton

Susan Sarracino-Diehl

Mark Barker, DVM

Hannah Loonsk

Board Liaison:

Jim Rubin  

Breeders’ Education Committee

A forum for exchanging ideas and information about breeding IWS. Establishes, maintains and promulgates IWSCA’s “Best Practices” for breeding IWS. Recommends criteria for determining and maintaining the IWSCA Breeders’ List. Approves all mechanisms for publishing / advertising IWSCA Recommended Breeders. Responsible for breeders education and mentoring, breeding publicity  and associated literature etc.  Works with Health and Genetics Committee to develop population management strategies

Mindy Garbarino

Greg Siner

30+ additional members

Board Liaison:

Laurel Baglia

Judges' Education Committee

Educates and trains Conformation Judges using the current IWS standard and approved teaching material. Plans and executes Judges Education at the National Specialty and at other locations. Keeps Judges Education information updated with the AKC. Produces qualified Presenters and Mentors delivering consistent messages across the country.


Stacy Duncan                                                                 

Snohomish, WA


[email protected]

Michelle Cummings

1108 San Antonio Ave.

Fullerton, CA 92835

[email protected]                                                                             

Committee Members:


Board Liason:

Linda Deckard